i am

Aurelia Vie

I was born, raised and grown up in a small city in East Java Island of Indonesia, and moved to a bigger city to find a new challenge for self. I have BA degree in English Linguistics, then went to Guangzhou in search of my root, China, to take business diploma and learning Chinese Language, then back to  Indonesia.

For the second time, I made a big change in my life, and this time, CYPRUS! A big change, a big challenge. I moved to Cyprus in 2009, enrolling myself to one of Institute of Management, this time, I was taking Master degree in Shipping Management, hoping to continue the knowledge of my job when I was working in Indonesia for 6 years.

However, you don't always get what you wanted. The new door opened for me here is in the form of a kitchen. Sounds yummy!

In 2010, I met my love of life, who likes to cook and eat like me. He introduced me to his friends, telling them about Indonesian cuisine, from whom I received great responses and supported me to make this page, my recipes, with my own taste and my secret ingredients.

Things are evolving...

I started to learn new things or learning more from the things I learned from my childhood.

I believe that I have found my way which makes me happy. I created this website to share what I have, to share the happiness that I found throughout the process.


"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist!"

Friedrich Nietzsche