Multipurpose Rectangular Wrap

Last year, I had a project, a blanket, but because of the lack of supplies, couldn’t find any matching color for more than 8 months, so I decided to cut it off and making it a shoulder wrap, a gift to my husband 😀

And I just had the chance to take pictures of it on how can we wear them outside and inside the house. Just change the colors combination, stitches, add pin/brooch/button, it will look great on you! It’s very stylish and warm 🙂 It measures 64cm (25″) x 172.7 (68″).


To warm up your office chair, sofa cover, lap cover, shoulder wrap as you watch your favorite TV shows


To go outside the house, wear it as shawl to warm up your back/neck


Another stylish way to wear it, use pin/brooch or add button, wear it with your jeans, casual, stylish and wow!


Can also be wear as rectangular poncho, just add pin/brooch or button on it

This wrap can be with any stitches, but for sure, you need to find the good quality yarn, so that it can fall beautifully on your body when you wear it as wrap. I love to use the very soft acrylic yarn, the light one, or light premium wool with hook 4.00mm.