Ark Under the Tree

Ark under the tree – June 11th, 2016, Erimi, Limassol.

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Ark under the tree, the Summer artisan market 🙂 It was great event, meeting beautiful people, and place is magical. Once again, I have been selected to be part of the Ark collective pop up shop, so happy!

The location of the market was in Erimi area, outskirt of Limassol, in a beautiful and huge garden of a friend’s house. I was under the tree, literally. I brought new Summer collection which was created specifically for this event.

Doors were opened at 15:00 and never thought of this crowds before, because of the location of the market. It was in the very quite housing area, away from buzzing city of Limassol. So, literally, you have to have at least bicycle to come to the place because no public transportation passed the area. The crowds were crazy, place was packed from the time we opened the door.

We had ethnic live music, delicious food to go, yummy cocktails, beautiful collection from each artist, so colorful, so diverse, so unique.

I was presenting something new this time, totally new, was created for this event to explore new opportunity in the market, and it was a blast 😀 I brought new collection of sauces and chutney 🙂

I sold out all of them and the rest of the night, I was going around from stall to stall, from artist to artist, listening music, chattering, eating, laughing. The place is magical, so many trees, colorful lights, it’s just simply beautiful.

Here are some pictures from the market, enJoy!

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