Blue Potato Bush

Know your garden – this phrase I said to myself since long time ago, yet still had no time to really know my new garden. When we moved to the village for the first time, the backyard garden has already some plants, but I have no idea about it. So, I said to myself “know your garden” which is “get your butt on the chair and start looking for it” LOL! Took me some times, but I did! 🙂


Royal Robe or Lycianthes Rantonnetii or known as Blue Potato Bush, a South American shrub, an outstanding conservatory plant, normally grown from cuttings although seeds of the species are sometimes available and germinate easily. It is a relative newcomer to garden use, and has quickly found popularity for its superb display of richly coloured and lightly fragrant flowers over a long season, provided it is grown in full sun. Water and feed regularly for the best display. Cuttings will make good-sized bushes for the following summer.

Looks beautiful, but be careful because fruit and plant parts are poisonous and is deer tolerant. It can be used in borders and as a container plant or espalier.

Yes, I have that in the garden – absolutely beautiful, even though I ate the berries before, without knowing that it is poisonous. Yet I’m still alive! Yay!


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