Can it Up!

I woke up too early today, together with the chicken probably, had my coffee downstairs in the garden, and did nothing. I was too lazy to do weeding today! Oh what a lazy day! 

But I did remember that I can not be lazy today *ugh* since I didn’t make anything for the upcoming Christmas bazaar *hiks*. So I went inside the house and looked around to see what can I do today, and suddenly my husband said “do you mind to clear up the kitchen from soda cans?” lol! I know, my kitchen is full of cans – tuna cans, soda cans, and tin cans.

So I decided to clear up the easiest one – soda cans! I had 8 cans, I made it all, and gave 2 of them to our landlords who came from Ireland to fix the house where we went for coffee this morning, they were so happy about their new candle holders!



Me too! I’m happy at least I did something this morning and my husband said “stock up now?” lol! Of course! Christmas is getting closer and I have zero things and I’m catching up now.

I’m coming! 😀

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