Crochet Colorful Fuku-fuku (Owl)


Fuku-fuku!! I love this name! ^^ I love everything about Owl and can’t get enough, that’s why I chose this Fuku-fuku name for my colorful Owl ornaments/decoration/hanging craft.

How did I come up with “Fuku-fuku” ? hehe, I love everything about Japanese Manga/Anime, and don’t you think that “fuku-fuku” sounds very Manga? 😀

Fuku-fuku comes from the word “Fukurou” in Japanese and it means Owl, and the way it is written the word “fuku 福” means “luck” or “good fortune”. Apart from a symbol of luck, the Owl protects against suffering and hardship, because “fukurou” can be written in another characters “不苦労” which means “no hardship/suffering”.


In the Greek mythology, Owl represents or accompanies Athena, the goddess of wisdom, which often referred to as the “Owl of Athena”, and has been used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity (deep understanding) and erudition (extensive learning) throughout the Western World.

Interesting right? I like Owl so much, we “have” a couple of Owls stationed in the huge Pine tree in front of the window, and when the sun goes down, the dusk break, they come out and hanging around the electrical cable and is visible from our garden. They’re always staying there, quietly and learning about us, and making a sound as well “ku ku” 🙂 We feel very safe when they are around.

So here it is, crochet Fuku-fuku filled with fiber and home-grown Lavender! It smells like heaven! 🙂 Custom orders are accepted, feel free to choose what color do you want. I can change the Lavender if you don’t like them.


The price is very affordable of € 7.00 per Owl, the measurement is approximately 10cmx10cm fatty Fuku-fuku, you can choose either safety eyes or button (for real safety – if you plan to give it to your kids). If you need more than 10pcs per order/for souvenirs, I will give special price 😉


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