Goodbye 2013

Time flies when you enjoyed it – this suits me very well for this year, 2013. I never felt like this before in the previous years. I was always worry about things that were not there, things in the future and all of those things that were not existed.

2013 is giving me so much hope, joy, love and lights. I’m blessed with the people around me who always be there with their heart. My family, my friends, and my husband, especially, who always guides me patiently. Oh how lucky I am!

I didn’t do a lot of Christmas this year, was so busy with orders (yay!! :D), but I managed to split up the orders, before and after Christmas, to be able to spend times with friends. Even though, we didn’t have Christmas tree this year, no Christmas baking, no Christmas dinner, but we did have a great Christmas day with good friends, amazing one! Music, food, laughter, joy, sharing, hugging…it’s priceless!!

And there will be no particular celebration as well for New Year 2014, we’ll stay home, nice dinner, music, fireplace and meditation for the amazing 2 new beginnings! A Capricorn New Moon and New Years – it’s a bless to have 2 new beginnings at the same time! Yay!!! 😀

So, I’d like to close this year with Happiness, Joy, Love &Lights! And here are the lineup of what I’ve done this 2013! 😀


January 2013 – Crocheted Hearts


February 2013 – Valentine theme Upcycle tins for centerpiece/organizers


March 2013 – 1st Crochet Crowd Challenge – Spring Fling Pillow


April 2013 – Etsy shop is finally opened! 😀


April 2013 – Colorful Ocean Wave Afghan in Cotton – finished! 😀


April 2013 – Jamaican Style Granny Square Afghan – finished! 😀


May 2013 – Chilies seedling season – they gave me more than 3 kg of very spicy & organic harvest!


June 2013 – Kitchen decorations started!


June 2013 – Made my first adult poncho without pattern 😀


June 2013 – Owl felting – the start of my obsession with Owls


July 2013 – Starting a new Boot Slippers obsession – first attempt!


July 2013 – Slippers – second attempt!


August 2013 – Slippers – third attempt!


August 2013 – My first ever Hungarian Hot Wax chili


September 2013 – My first big shawl collection


October 2013 – Learning with smaller crochet hook with thinner yarn 😀


October 2013 – First success attempt of Amigurumi – Mr. Totoro!


October 2013 – Amigurumi obsession began! Tako-chan is here! 😀


October 2013 – Finally finished – Colorful Granny Square – a gift for myself 😀


October 2013 – Owl obsession – Fuku-Fuku!


November 2013 – Preparing for Christmas Goodies – Christmas Trees!


November 2013 – Christmas Goodies Curlicues


November 2013 – Amigurumi Mini Fuku-fuku as Christmas Goodies


November 2013 – Christmas Goodies Big Tree


November 2013 – Cowl/Neckwarmer/Scarves collections

November 2013 – Winter Hat collections


December 2013 – Handmade Christmas Lights are ready to be displayed!


December 2013 – Christmas Stockings ready (pattern by Baca Creations)


December 2013 – Pineapple shawls


December 2013 – Made this simple cowl for 3 orders in a row 😀


December 2013 – And this is how I close the 2013 order – with a big smile!! Finally, Boot Slippers are done! 😀

I would like to thank each and every person who has contribute & support me all this year by messages, beautiful words, ordering & buying from the personal, page and Etsy shop. Thank you so much…without you, I’m nothing! With you, I’m learning & developing everyday! No matter how many times I say “Thank You”, it won’t be enough. xxxxx

See you tomorrow, 2014, a fresh start, a new beginning, new obsessions, new items, new orders, new pages – with determination, happiness, joy, Love and lights for a better year!!

Wish you to have a Wonderful New Moon and New Years!!! Cheers xxxxx


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