Granny Stripes Blanket

Finally I decided to make Granny Stripes Blanket for the upcoming cold season, and it’s not for the next Winter, people. The weather here in the mountain sometimes is very harsh. We did have 15°C for the last 2 weeks, very warm sun, and beautiful days. But now, the last 2 days were a little bit “unbearable” if we dont light up heating sources in the house. It dropped to 5ºC with a very chill wind.

Anyway, I managed to force myself to change from Granny Square to Granny stripes blanket 🙂 and I started to choose the colors and asked my husband to make the color arrangement.

We chose 9 colors, dark green, purple, red wine, blue sky, beige, dark beige, orange, cream and light purple. I know it sounded a bit strange for the combination, but it turned out to be really beautiful.

Started with a long and boring 240 chain to start with, measures 1.65m, before the edging.

I didn’t manage to take picture while it was still in the long chain, cause I started at night and I didn’t have sufficient light at that time, that’s how it started 🙂

Yipiieee.. that’s the full color combinations 😀 and now I just need to follow the combination and still a long way to go 😀 But it’s like a meditation process, watching movies, hooking, fireplace, hooking, lunch, hooking, hooking and hooking 🙂

I’ll keep it update on how it goes! 😀

Happy hooking!! 🙂


  1. Sandra Campbell/Sandy Campbell on January 30, 2013 at 15:58

    Hi, I just made and completed my granny stripe! You had mentioned the edging….I don’t know what you mean….did you put it on one end before you started to crochet the body? You can see mine at or at my blog on BlogSpot at

    • aurelia on January 30, 2013 at 16:04

      Hi Sandra! What a lovely page, love it! 🙂 Yes, the edging (like your blanket, the black color around the blanket) is the last one when the blanket is done, I will DC around the blanket to give a nice edge, but I guess it will take time 😀 since now Im still at a very beginning blanket body! Your granny stripes’s beautiful!!! Bravo!!! 😀

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