Happy Chinese New Year 2015

I should have done this yesterday, but I got distracted so much 😀

Happy Chinese New Year – Happy Lunar Year – Happy Strong Goat/Sheep/Ram Year 🙂 We wish you all the best, joyful, happy and prosperous year for you and all your family!

I made amigurumi for this year’s symbol too 😀 So, by the next 10 years, I will have complete family of Chinese zodiac lol! Meet Miyu! She’s too cute for a sheep 😀 She’s this year’s CYN’s symbol in our home 😀


I also wrote this yesterday in the snow while we were walking around enjoying the rare weather which brought us 2 days of snow 😀


And we had no fancy but delicious CYN lunch at home – Sweet soy Keema, scramble eggs, and sauteed Lettuce with soy sauce 😀


It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always celebrate CYN as warm as possible 😀 it was a blessed day! 🙂

Wish you all in good health and prosper life!

Gong Xi Fa Cai 😀

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