It’s Spring!!

Winter is finally over here in Cyprus, as we had it too early. I remember it was only September and we had up to -4ΒΊC in the mountain area where I live. We had very less rain, yet in another part of the world, it was too much rain. Seems like the effect of global warming is getting here.

But, it’s Spring! what’s better than sitting at the backyard, looking at the garden with all of those green and colorful colors, sweet smell of almond blossoms, cherry blossoms and now, apricot blossoms πŸ˜€ *heaven*

I’ll take you around the garden then πŸ˜€


This is the first year we have the Onion blossoms, almost all of the plants have them πŸ˜€



These flowers are from the last year and they’re blooming again πŸ˜€


This persistent flower is still growing from the stone’s crack >.<



Love love these small beauties!! Made a perfect garden’s carpet for now πŸ˜€


English Rose is starting to bloom and growing, this particular plant, I forgot to cut them last month, so it’s blooming already




Almond blossoms’s smell is amazing, we had couple of days of super warm sun, up to 17ΒΊC in the daylight, and I opened the house just to change the circulation, and oh my..the smell of almond blossoms just took over the food’s smell in the house πŸ˜€ The only picture that I don’t have here is the Cherry blossoms, as I need to make around the village to take picture >.<

The weather now is not that nice, was having 48 hours straight of raining, 36 hours warm sun and super cold wind after that, and now, so cloudy and cold >.< bbbrrrrr…

But, as I looked outside this morning, I spotted something πŸ˜€ Apricot blossoms in the beautiful!!!







^^ Still trying and learning to take pictures, as I need to make myself steady since I don’t like to use tripod >.< Still long way to go on nature photography as well as learning more about the color composition!

Also, I decided to clean up my workshop desk and tidy up a was too many stuffs on the desk! I need at least 5-10 mins just to find crochet hooks!! πŸ˜€ Let me show you my desk before I cleaned it πŸ˜€

IMG_9715 was full of yarn tails, fibers and paper here and there. Ah those are the wedding souvenirs that I do now, adding the last layer of leaf πŸ™‚ ^^ My poor laptop with 07 Ghost background! I should do the review of anime/manga that I watched/read soon!

After an hour of cleaning, putting all things back to its place, taddaaaa…..clean desk! πŸ˜€ I hope it will stay for at least a week like that >.<


I’ll post more pictures when I finally go around the village, as we are having a long weekend this week! Carnival and Green Monday!!! yay! πŸ˜€

Ah forgot about this! It’s my “saving carrot” program πŸ˜€ Been 2 month since I “saved” him, it’s growing and so cute!


Have a great Weekend! x

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