{review} Convertible Crochet

I eyed this Convertible Crochet for some times, until I decided to buy one for my birthday present 🙂 It’s absolutely useful and beautiful book.


I always love Doris Chan’s work on crochet garment. She has style that is very unique and easy follow, easy to customize and easy to apply with own creativity and taste. I delighted with this book as it gives me tons of ideas and I don’t know where to start >.<

It’s recommended for you who loves to do garments like me, and who hates seaming crochet, well..like me 😀 I love the way Doris Chan is playing with simple, stylish, unique, clear and smart shapes to create something extraordinary.

Doris Chan’s style of writing is very fun and easy to understand. Everything is vivid with pictures, stitch diagram, written pattern and explanation.

I did one of her square, Copernicus Minor (and yes…I love the way she named it and the way she used terms in her books), using Cotton thread and 3.00mm hook. Just by looking at her picture in the book, it gave me an idea what to make with this square.


And this is what I came up with – Hippie style Summer vest with fringes 🙂 It took me more than a week to carefully connect each square. The vest itself is not a stylish shape or extraordinary one. It’s just a rectangular vest – but each of the square makes it extraordinary.

I never been this happy and satisfied to finish a product. Totally love it 🙂


I have no chance yet to take picture, but as soon as I finish it, I will 🙂

So, it’s recommended if you like to play with your own creativity on a simple shape 🙂 You can find it at Bookdepository for free shipping.



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