Upcycle t-shirt

It’s been 2 days I could not sleep well, woke up in the middle of the night – but most probably, it’s also my fault for sleeping at 10 pm ha! This is the real life in the empty village, where your limited neighbors (2 couples) never made any noise! Plus I really enjoy to wake up early in the morning before the sun rises, it’s amazingly beautiful and peaceful – but not 2 am!!!

So, bored of doing nothing early today, I remembered a friend gave me bags full of old t-shirt to throw or to give away and I already separated them, so, pick one and taaadaaaa….

t-shirt necklace 1

Here is the result of my early morning boredom! Upcycle t-shirt for necklace or scarft and upcycle fabric rosette 🙂 And then forcing my husband to take picture!! I was thinking to put it on him so I can take picture, but he has beard now..it is not fun! lol! 😀

Have a great day!! x

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