{diy} Xmas Tree

Happy New Year 2013!

I know it’s passed the time already, but I could not make any {diy} before because of ligament injury on my left thumb. I still feel it now, still have the wrapping bandage to keep the thumb from moving freely, but I can’t stand of doing nothing, it’s been 10 days. Gladly, I feel much better today, so I decided to keep up with the {diy} Xmas tree 😀

I hope that you are inspired by this first tutorial of 2013 – You can use the basic and decorate it differently for any other occasions. You can change the materials and colors for Easter or just a birthday decoration or house decoration. Feel free to use your imagination and feel free to post it here to share with others 🙂

Shall we?

1. Prepare the materials – empty box, yarn, xmas decoration, glue, newspaper, pliers, clear tape

2. Cut empty box on its line, leaving only the big parts, 1 box will have 2 big parts

3. Make a cone shape out of it

4. Secure it with clear tape and/or stapler

5. Trim the cone so that it can stand, and line it with newspaper

6. There you go, don’t forget to trim the excessive newspaper and yes that’s my left hand wrapped and no energy at all x_x

7. Use plier to remove the shiny thing on the Xmas ornament

8. It looks like this after you remove the cap

9. Next, cut the top of the cone, leaving a space that fits xmas ornament, don’t cut too big.

10. It has to be perfectly fit, so that you don’t have to use glue

11. Remove Xmas ornament, and let’s wrap the cone with yarn, I use both green and red for the base, and I use no glue 🙂

12. Here’s what I got, I wrapped it one over another, it ended up with thickness

13. Now, take the opposite color of yarn and slip it into the top hole about 2cm and secure it with the Xmas ornament. If you have it perfectly fit, you don’t have to worry about the yarn getting loose

14. And start to wrap it around, you can wrap it as you want

15. Slip the last yarn under the other yarn and you are done!

16. Here is my cute little Xmas recycle trees

17. I decorated them with Xmas light and the rest of Xmas ornaments

That’s it, very simple yet beautiful tree, you can easily change the size by using a bigger box or even paper stock, use another color for different occasion. Beautiful ornaments do not have to be expensive 🙂

Happy crafting! 🙂

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