{2014 project – November motif}

Ahh I missed the end of November again! 😀 I drafted everything in here, but I guess I overlooked it? 😀

Anyway, I’ll make it short this time! 😉

November has only 1 square motif – a beautiful motif designed by one of my favorite crochet designer, Doris Chan. She’s one of those designers who based her designs from the surrounding nature and space.

This motif of Copernicus Minor can be found at her book Convertible Crochet. This book makes me drools everything I opened to read. So far, I made this particular square for different projects, from coasters, scarf, shawl, and poncho. Newest project is glass coaster with fine Cotton thread and spray starched to keep the shape. Other projects are sold without even tasting the social media popularity nor being photographed 🙂

I strongly suggest to check out the book.. so many gorgeous stuffs 🙂

Happy December x


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