{2014 project – September square}

Every month I would say that “it’s been a long time” >.< But it’s been a long time since I’m writing as well (giggles). I’ve been so busy from the moment I stepped into this house last June, right after the Indonesian trip. Spending all Summers working on custom orders, and I just managed to finish them yesterday 😀 And I have a bunch of amigurumi custom order coming up next week. Now is waiting for the list of what kind of amigurumi I have to make 🙂

So, September passed real quick..as I was chased by yarns.. lol

I made only 1 type of square for September and assembled it right away – for custom order. It was a big project for me, as it was my first time to make an open work cardigan – long one 😀

I made up the square by myself and I assembled it by myself, with my own interpretation. This is how it looked


From the front, it’s very chic at the neckline, it’s not too loose, but there is enough space to move freely


From the side, I love how it turned out, especially the sleeves part.


From the back, the measurement is for L/XL, I used my husband as my model 😀

In total, it has 80 squares for this month, hundreds of tails to sew and 2 weeks to finish. I’m glad that I made this cardigan, it gives me lots of ideas now.

And now, I’m heading to October – hmm…what kind of motif I’m going to choose this time ? 😀

Happy day! x

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