2022 Updates

It has been 2 years since my last post, quite some time, isn't it?

The past 2 years have been deemed to be lost by most people, but not by us. So many things have happened that we don't even feel that 2 years have passed.

We enjoyed the silence of the street where there was no traffic, no car honking sound, and no yelling and screaming due to idiotic drivers. We gladly accepted the lockdown as we do not need any reason not to see anyone. We watched hell lots of movies and series too :D

Our main goal for 2021 was to move out permanently from the buzzing city to a quiet village, to live in the middle of the vineyards, away from any possible noise.

Glad we did it!

By mid-2021, we moved to our dream house surrounded by nature. A simple house yet it's so rich in color. A house built in the middle of vineyards and Olive plantations.

We really become villagers who wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise and sleep early at night together with the cats.

We feel the changes of the season, from the scorching heat of Summer to the Winter snow, from the wet Spring to the peaceful Autumn, we love them all. Everything is magical here, from the sweet breeze of the air to the smell of the rain.

We get so attached to this place that going to the office, even though it's only twice a week, is a real pain :D but it's a good deal at the moment :D












Another achievement will be giving a new playground for the cats, where they can run, climb trees, catch insects, rolling between the greens.

They must have been thrilled with this new arrangement, no more crazy drivers on the street.

And, Oh! we have a new family member, yay! We got ourselves a cute little black devil called Mika <3 she's the cutest and sweetest creature around. She was 3 weeks old tiny kitten when we got her from a friend. She was on the pending list for a long time :D and she was just capturing all the guys' hearts in no time!












Since everything is evolving, I also started new projects here and there, trying to get the feeling of being creative and to get back on track with the activities, and also, to balance my sanity from office work, I restarted crochet and other crafts. I also do gardening and planting our own food, and recently, I was entrusted with a friend's wedding favors <3 it was such a fun project.













Well, those are the updates :D

There is still more to 2022, and I really hope that we can close this year with a positive mind.

If there is something for me to share, that will be "you are responsible for your life, when it's too toxic, leave! Don't poison yourself unnecessarily" :)

Make sense?! :D

See you soon <3

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