Embracing The Changes

As the calendar flipped to 2023, I made a bold decision: it was time to change. After years of feeling stagnant and unfulfilled, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, determined to reignite my creativity and passion for life. Little did I know that this year would become a turning point, leading me to reconnect with my roots, explore new career paths, and cultivate my love for gardening. Join me as I recount the transformative chapters of my life and share the joys and challenges that have shaped my comeback.


A Homecoming in Indonesia

The first step towards my personal renaissance took me back to my homeland, the place where I grew up, Indonesia. The visit served as a reminder of the importance of staying connected to my heritage, nurturing my identity, and seeking inspiration from diverse sources.












A leap of faith

Inspired by the new energy coursing through my veins, I mustered the courage to leave my stagnant job and embrace the unknown. Changing careers was a daunting prospect, but I knew it was necessary to rekindle my creative spirit. I pursued opportunities that aligned with my passions and values, seeking a role that would allow me to channel my talents and make a meaningful impact. Through this leap of faith, I discovered that sometimes, the most extraordinary transformations occur when we step outside our comfort zones.

Reclaiming my creativity

With a fresh start in my professional life, I focused on nurturing my creative pursuits. I returned to the hobbies I had neglected over the years, such as crafting, crocheting, and cooking. Engaging with these outlets allowed me to express myself authentically and reconnect with the joy of creation. It was a cathartic experience that reminded me of the immense power of art to heal, inspire, and transform lives. As I shared my work with others, I discovered a sense of purpose and fulfillment that had long eluded me.

The beauty of gardening

In my quest for self-discovery, I stumbled upon an old passion: gardening. The act of nurturing life and witnessing the beauty of nature’s growth became an integral part of my daily routine. Tending to plant taught me patience, resilience, and the importance of caring for something beyond myself. Whether it was sowing seeds, pruning, or witnessing the first bloom, every moment spent in my garden became a testament to the transformative power of creation and the wonders of the natural world.

This comeback has taught me that change is not something to be feared but embraced as an opportunity for growth and personal evolution. It is thought embracing changes we can truly create the life we desire and fulfill our greatest potential.

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