Baby Sets

My friend and my cousin in law are going to have baby within 2 months! 😀 I’m very happy and I want to make something for the babies, and since it’s going to be winter soon, so I made for them a set of baby beanie and slippers! Very cute!

Surprisingly, for a very beginner like me, I spent only 30mins to make each slippers, which is too much for an advance! But I’m enjoying it though! I made it from 2 different kind of yarns, one is made from 100% Acrylic for baby and the other is made from 80% Wool for the cold winter, but soft enough for baby, since the rest of 20% is Soft Acrylic.

slipper 1

slipper 2

and the beanie, I made 2 different hats with different stitches. It’s fun, I spent almost a week trying to finish all, of course with a long break in between! Ha! 🙂

babyhat 1

babyhat 2

For order, please let me know about the colors, size, materials, and model

Happy crocheting! x

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