Rag Rug Project (3)

Day 7 of work in progress project with the recycle rag rug for our fireplace 😀

A bit slow though, taking a lot of naps lately x_x The weather is not that friendly, it’s very hot in the day and at some point I can’t do anything, so, napping is the answer 😀

So far, I am very happy with the result up to now, even though I was re-doing it for couple of times, due to wavy shape, and I need to adjust the stitches couple of times, but I did it! 😀

Now, the rag rug has 84cm diameter, woohoooo!!! Happy happy happy happy, still long way to go though, but at least it’s moving forward, lol! Here it is.. 😀


So, what do you think?! I need to finish this as soon as possible, since I have a lot of things to do as well, hopefully by next week, I will be able to post the last post of this project and moving on to the next one! 😀

And I might be able to write down the pattern as well 😀

Happy crocheting! xx

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