Back in the city life

Yeap..that’s right! Back in the city life! 🙂

It’s been 3 months since we moved back to city life, crazy but true, we found a house just right in the middle of it, a very nice and quite area (at night time), and it’s so close to go anywhere with bicycle or walking. We enjoy walking in the seafront road just enjoying the sea and the sun.

A lot had changed since the last time we lived in the city 3 years ago, especially in the seafront road where we used to live. It’s so beautiful now with extension to the sea where we can walk for hours. Glad that we made this big change from the mountain back to the city center 🙂

And I have my own studio in the house 😀 a “little room” with own balcony where I created potted garden corner 😀 I don’t have the best scene outside my windows, but because there are no high building around our house, I can see big blue sky and trees. Plus, the house is facing South where we get all the sunlight from early in the morning until deep Sunset 😀 *blessed*


Big old glass door and window, lots of light, wooden parquet, homemade table and messy working table 😀


Yeah…back in the city life to enJOY friends’ company, Summer and busy buzzing city 😀

Welcome to Cyprus!


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