Crispy Spring Roll Skin


Crispy spring roll skin – yes, you can make it by yourself if you want 🙂 I found it tastier. It’s very easy and you can feel the atmosphere of being “homemade” – why? “the shape” 😀 you will know once you try it 🙂

This following recipe will make approx. 20-25 spring roll skins, thin but strong skin.


  • 200ml water
  • 200gr all-purpose flour
  • 2 egg white
  • bit of salt
  • bit of oil

You will also need a brush for the oil, non-sticky frying pan


  • Mix flour and salt
  • Add egg white bit by bit while stirring it – mix it well
  • Add water bit by bit while stirring it
  • Stirring it for another 15 mins until the batter becomes so smooth
  • Leave the batter to sit for 45 mins
  • Once it’s done, stir well before making the skin
  • With medium heat – heat up the non-stick pan, brush it with a bit of oil
  • Once the pan is hot enough, use big brush or spoon to scoop the batter, do not put too much, as you need to make a thin skin, once it cooks, the side skin will come off by itself. Don’t leave it too long as it burns easily
  • layer each skin with banana leaf (if you have) or use cut baking paper, stack them.
  • Once it’s cool down, you can use it right away, or stack and freeze it for another time use.

I did mention about the shape, right? 😀 I still need a lot of practice..a lot!

I used a brush, but next time, I will just scoop the batter with a spoon and move the frying pan so that it follows the round shape, or you can use the crepe’s pan and tool to make it.

Once it’s cooling down, stuffed with whatever filling you want to eat, heat up lots of oil, deep-fried it, it won’t take more than 1 minute if you use lots of hot oil.


Happy cooking xx

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