Best of 2014

I’ve been meaning to do this before the year ended, but I’ve been taking care of my other one who got fever, flu, and cough since Christmas Day, and eventually he transferred his flu and cough to me >.< so up to now, he got better everyday, and I got worse looll 😀 but I still can smile, as it’s only flu and cough 😀

Anyway, I just managed to pull myself to start writing the blog today, and here we are.. Best of 2014 😀

I have several of my best sellers that I couldn’t add just because of my careless. I forgot to take picture >.< aaarrrggghh….yeah..right..kill me now 😀 loolll 😀

My other half was looking at me and said “I though that you want to make a Collection page on your website for your portfolio” aha..yeah…it’s me..looll 😀 2015 will be a new year for me to remember that I need to take picture professionally before selling anything 😀 *fingers crossed*

Best of 2014 in close up look:


This particular design, I made 6 of it already and finally I managed to make one for the shop, as all 5 were custom order in various colors. It’s a beautiful and simple design but giving a sense of elegant and you can wear it any style you want. It’s a rectangular shape.IMG_9367

Boot slippers – so far I made 5 pairs, and still thinking to “redesigned” it with outer and inner soles so that you can wear it outside the house as well.. will be a new 2015 task for me 🙂


I made almost 400 pcs of it in 20+ colors 😀 My sister’s wedding souvenir 🙂 I have several colors and 2 different shapes, and if you ever need it for souvenir in quantity, let me know 🙂

Customized Wedding ring bearer pillow – so far I only did custom order for several brides with different designs and colors, and I only managed to capture this particular pillow as it was for my lovely sister’s wedding 🙂 I will have several different style available this year 🙂


Another best seller!! Tako-chan here is very famous!! I made more than a dozen of it, so cute and fluffy!! if you ever need Tako chan to be your souvenir for Christening, let me know..I can also make Tako chan – chibi version, smaller version 😀


Best of 2014: I made my own dress to go to my sister’s engagement ceremony. In Chinese tradition, engagement ceremony is very important for both families, so I was trying to design something that’s simple, elegant and eye-catching. I got them 😀 so happy that everyone love how it turned 😀


I chose this as a part of Best of 2014 because I simply love the way it turned out. I made only a single item so far, but feeling happy about it because I was managed to overcome my fear of using a very small hook 😀


Another design that I labelled as Best of 2014. I made this custom order without any scheme, I managed to finished it less than 10 days. Love the final looks, I have no idea how many times I frogged and shaped it, really satisfied with the outcome 🙂


I always wanted to make this kind of long vest. Pattern is easy to follow, took couple of days, lots of ball of yarn but I’m satisfied and confidence to make different design now.


Another Best of 2014 – Oversized Cowl, made several of this for custom orders, colors are totally customized. This cowl is wide and tall enough for different styles. If you are interested to get your color, let me know 🙂


Ohh..this love of my life! Victorian Lattice Blanket, comes in I don’t know how many delicious colors. At first I was just making the squares in random colors, then I decided to design how to connect it and voila… it is a blanket that you can say that “I’m proud of this” even though it took months of my time! Just gorgeous! This is one of the best thing that I made in 2014.


Another best of 2014 – This shawl is one of 2 shawls that I made using a very thin Angoran yarn (Wool Mohair). It took me about a month to make this shawl with a Shell design. The yarn is so delicate and the colorway is so yummy! It is a triangle shawl and can be wear to different style.


It’s not your Granny’s slouchy hat! First launched on 2013 and it was a hit, and I decided to make it again on 2014 and again was a big hit! Colors are totally your choice, and I will play with the crown 🙂


Best seller ever! This mini Fuku-fuku or mini owl – no matter how many I made them, I have to made them more and more. So cute and delicate and fluffy. I added silicone glue at safety eyes so that it won’t be easy to be pulled by baby/toddler in case they are playing with it. The color is totally customized and can be made as Christening favors as well or even to transform it into bookmark.


I love to make bunting or garland, especially for festive season! This Christmas tree bunting is so special and traditional.


The last of best of 2014 is this miniature of Santa’s hat. It’s so cute that people couldn’t resist to get them. I sold lots of them, so cute and so festive. If you plan to give this as gift tag for next Christmas, please let me know 🙂

Oh I managed to squeeze the Best of 2014 into 16 items only! I’m very satisfied with what I achieved in 2014 and I’m hoping for a another great creativity in 2015.

I have lots in my mind right now, but first thing first…. need to get rid of this heavy flu and cough, then I will start with full energy 😀

Thank you so very much for all the supports at all my social medias… thank you for keeping me creative

aurelia xx

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