New Makes 2015

Hi all! Hope you are fine and healthy!!

Yes, I’m back to work finally, still a bit lazy due to recovery, but I guess I’m okay 🙂 I’ve been sick for 2 weeks since new year, heavy flu, cold, and coughing, but I’m really glad that it’s over now.. just a bit of nose block due to sinus…but hey! I’m healthy! 😀

So, I’d like to introduce my new makes 2015 – well actually these are not new as I did it before in 2013 early, but it never went out as I didn’t feel confidence about it 😀

It’s more in accessories & jewelry section, which I never touch before due to lots of reason plus I never wear one, so I have no confidence that it’s going to be nice T.T


Yes, those are rings 😀 made from fabric ricrac, with lots of patience and failure.. but I managed to find its beauty in the end 😀 These rings have 1 cm thickness, and beautiful rose. Available only in 3 colors, if you’re looking for another colors, just let me know 🙂


Another ring, but only available in one color as shown, and available only 2 pieces, unique pieces as the rose shape is different. These have 0.5 cm thickness, beautiful piece and I have matching earrings especially for this 🙂

Yes, I made earrings as well, and have several colors, but only 1 pair available for each color.


There you go 🙂 7 different colors 🙂

Check it will make a great gift to your loved one!

Happy day! x

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