Blossoms in the Garden

Ahhh happy days! Never seen such blossoming flowers in the garden! It is full of colors of Life! I almost forgot the feeling of having a garden full of blossoms, well, this is the first time in my life that I have such a house with a garden full of plants, I love it and I don’t mind to clean up the mess after with all the leaves and weeds – anyway, a garden without weeds is not totally a garden, right? 😉 

So, shall we? Let me take you around the garden and the blossoms – I know it’s kinda late for Spring, but since we’re living the mountain side, the season has its delay! 🙂

And, I may not know the name of most of the blossoms that I have in the garden – but I want to learn, so if you know the name of the plants, please, help me! 😀


Pomegranate’s blossoms – always beautiful and attractive!


Weed’s bloosoms – don’t know its name, but it is gorgeous! It only blooms when there is sunlight.


Geranium’s blossoms – I have no idea which Geranium it is!


Geranium’s blossoms – I have no idea which Geranium it is!


Calendula/Marigold blossoms – I have most of the colors in the garden, good stuffs for tomato plants


Love this blossoms, I have quite a collection of colors! 😀


Cutie! I have only red, red and white, purple and white, and all white! 😀


My gorgeous Passion Fruit flower – blooms just in the door of the room, amazing shape and color, so mathematical, just like a magic that every morning I have to see them.


Poppy…poppy…poppy…my favorite!!!


The Red Rose!


Blue Potato Bush – beautiful but messy, I need to fix them next Winter 🙂


Yellow this time, I have white, yellow, red, maroon, and orange! 😀


The White Rose!


I have no ideas of what its name, but it’s pretty invasive and cute! 😀


Pink Petunia, a friend of yellow and purple Petunia in the garden 😀


See, the purple with the white 😀


White Oleander 🙂


Pink Oleander, I have 4 different colors in the garden, white, pink, very soft pink and hot pink! I have no idea how! 😀


The Yellow Rose!


The Orange Rose!


The Pink Rose!


And I just found out about this blossom a few minutes ago..I don’t know its name, but it is absolutely gorgeous tiny flower! 🙂


I saw this plant before, as hedge plant, heat resistant and grows like crazy, and I have one in the garden that I desperately need to trim it, but still have no idea of its name.

I’m very happy with my garden, full of colors, alive and love the smell in the morning! Still have a lot of blossoms that are not in the pictures, next time! 🙂

Happy gardening! 😉

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