Crochet Garments

Ohhh been so long since the last time I wrote blog post, been very busy lately, trying to finish everything before our early Summer holiday next week 🙂 And I have new stuffs 😀

Yeah! “she looks Red” – really red 🙂 The red dress, my first dress is finally finished! It took me times, more than 50 hours as I still need to learn a lot of things about crocheting a dress. I’m so lucky that this dress is just a straight knee-length dress, yet it was giving me quite a trouble. Here you go 😀


I made the same design a week before but shorter, just a cute casual top to go with jeans. It was also giving me trouble, as it was my first time constructing such a top/dress. The construction is pretty easy, as I drew them on the paper before. Maybe it was the way I did, that gave me trouble – which as usual.. I made it from bottom to top >.<


Also, I have no whatsoever called experience or technique on sizing. It gave me headache! The first one that I made is using 100% Premium Wool and 4.00mm, it shocked me! It came out XL maybe (need to carefully measure and check the sizing chart). It was beautiful, but I was disappointed because it’s a custom order.


Then, I started to try using 100% Comb Cotton and 3.00mm – it’s perfect and beautiful, and I said that I don’t know if I want to sell it (the 2nd picture), so I decided to make the red one, knee length, for myself to wear in the youngest sister’s engagement ceremony.

I designed the square by myself, a very simple square but it looks really nice when you join them 🙂 I’m happy with the result and now I’m thinking that next Summer, I will make these kind of models more, different design motif, different shape. I will need to learn a lot, but I’m ready! 🙂


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