Early Summer Breaks!

Finally it’s here, our Early Summer Breaks overseas! 😀 *yay finally holiday is here!*

Our trip will start tomorrow and we will have a long flight awaiting us, then once arrive at Jakarta, Indonesia, the fun shall begins! 🙂

I have a lot to prepare and it’s done preparing! I just need to finish writing up couple of posts, preparing my music, preparing all the electronic stuffs and that’s it. Tomorrow’s flight is as early as the time for the chicken to wake up, and then by noon, we will have stroll the streets of Athens, Greece 🙂

For this Early Summer Breaks, my Etsy shop “aureliaslittleroom” and “nuinuiswardrobe” will be on holiday mood from May 25 – June 30. The shops will reopen with loads of new listings on July 1, 2014, until the next holiday, which is…hm…maybe next year? >.< lol! I will still replying the emails, so if you have any inquiry, just drop me message 😀

So, shall I show you my luggage? ^^

Most of my big suitcase if full of these beauties, souvenir for my sister’s engagement party, and this piece is not complete yet. Once I arrive, I need to glue the circle felt at the bottom, then gluing the candle glass in the middle, add candle, arranging the petals, placing the tissue paper in the box, arranging the flower inside the box, add cards, add ribbons and small flower to make it even sweeter ^^ I’ll take loads of pictures when it’s done 😀


These cute creatures 😀 will also dominate my hand luggage 🙂 as I bring only a couple of t-shirts. I have my clothes in my hometown, so I don’t need to bring anything, lucky me!




Then, the ring bearer pillow, the one that I made using Cotton thread with 2.50mm hook (the first time using it!) 😀 Love it so much, and I still can’t believe that I can actually crochet with smaller hook! lol!

This is how my big suitcase looks like >.<


hahaha ^^ heavy but happy that everything’s done on time! 😀 Ah also my recently finished “she looks Red” dress!!


^^ Looks like I’m coming back with empty suitcase! upppsss…not yet! 😀 I might get yarn, the Balinese Cotton, yummy, soft and ohh..I’ll show you the pictures 😀

So, looks like I’m ready now 🙂 I will try to write the posts while I’m there, but if I’m too busy, then I will leave it until I come home next month 🙂

See you soon!!! xxx

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