Eco Home

2 Weeks ago, I received orders from Eugenia, a beautiful soul who owns Eco Home showroom in Nicosia. Eco Home is all about ECO friendly products, recycle materials, the kind of shop that you should check, they have beautiful stuffs, especially those honey wooden spoon and Bamboo products! šŸ˜€Ā 

She ordered for her friends, a 120cm diameter of hand-crocheted rug made from 100% recycle materials (bed sheets and other fabrics) and a cute fabric basket made from 100% recycle materials as well. It’s finished now! Yay!


This is how the upcycle rag rug looks like šŸ™‚


Close up picture


120cm diameter wide


Ready to be sent to the customer


And the small and cute upcycle basket, it’s multipurpose and washable

I do hope her friends will like it too and I will start to receive new custom order after Christmas time, due to work loads for Christmas preparation.

So, can’t wait for the next project to come (even though I have tons of it!)




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