Garden: Transformation (II)

I’m back as I promised! Today is June 15th, 2013, it’s time to share more about the garden and its transformation after 1 month. I got excited, I woke up at 6am today, made my coffee, took my camera and straight to the garden. I even brought my mug with me while taking pictures. I was thinking to take pictures yesterday afternoon, but I was too focused on the seedlings, separating them and moving them into bigger pots – not finished yet, but it’s moving forward! πŸ™‚

So, ready to see how it transformed? Ah btw, don’t be surprised, the growth is a bit slow due to the weather in mountain side, the difference is Β 1/2 Β way with the plants that grow in the city.



Cherry Tomato looks absolutely gorgeous! I pruned it every now and then, the result is amazing, less leaves but full of fruits! We ate couple of them (couldn’t resist!) – I ate only 1 since I don’t like fresh tomato, lol! It tastes very sweet and juicy! πŸ˜€ Now, we need to wait before my husband can steal it!


Red cabbage is almost a size of medium ball, diameter around 12cm! Beautiful and I can’t wait to eat it πŸ˜€


Rocket’s flower, adding beautiful color on your salad and soon I will have fresh new seeds to plant! πŸ˜€


Romaine Lettuce, one of the main green that we eat everyday! So tasty, so watery and juicy! It grows very big until I only need 3-4 big leaves to make (our portion) salad for 2. We cut it a lot already, and it keeps making a lot more. Last week, I had to cut them before they started to wilt due to fullness from the inside, it was wow.. each leaf (I remembered I went to my office to get a ruler) measured 45cm long and 20cm wide. I should have taken picture with ruler at that time x_x


These are big tomato, also, this variety has less leaves than the usual, but it makes a lot of fruits, picked some of them already, and this morning, I picked another 2 to make salad πŸ™‚


Watermelon started to crawl like crazy, making beautiful flowers and soon it will transform to a mini watermelon! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€


Just like previous years, everywhere, every empty space, Flinders Rose or Capparis Spinosa, the Caper bush, blooming its beautiful and nice smell flowers. I was thinking to pick up the young caper to make something out of it, but I don’t want to miss the blooming season, so I left them growing O_o


Corn – free GMO of course, this year we had a better space for them but I didn’t separate them x_x It’s big now and hopefully the weather will be more stabilize soon, so that it can be harvested by July – imagining bbq corn with homemade spicy sauce, hmm…


In Cyprus, we called itΒ ΞšΞΏΟΟΞ²ΞΏΟ…Ξ»Ξ± (Kourvoula) – Kohlrabi or Turnip cabbage, this is the 2nd time we planted and we did it. Last year it didn’t work at all, but this year, it grows like crazy! I don’t like it, it tastes funny lol! It’s my husband’s refreshment, he eats it raw with lemon juice and bit of salt πŸ™‚


My baby cucumber! I have a special connection with this plant. Before I moved to Cyprus, I used to hate it, raw or marinated, both hated it. I couldn’t explain why I hated it, I even had plenty of cucumber plants last year that gave me so much beautiful and big cucumber, but still I didn’t change yet. And suddenly this early year, I started to buy cucumber like crazy, cut it small, lemon juice and chili salt, just like that and I can eat it with everything. Amazingly, I got panicked when I ran out of cucumber in the fridge now. LOL!


Mint plants started to make flowes and spreading their strong roots. I “contained” them so that it won’t get loose with the ground.


Hmmm…few days more for Apricots to be ready. I prepared the jars for jams already πŸ˜€


Green bean started to climb and forming cute beans! Hmm, I missed to make sautee minced meat with green bean and hot steam rice! *hungry*


Finally the lemon tree started to make Lemon! It’s not a lot yet, since we only “saved” it last year. The previous tenant never took care of the plants, it was in a sad condition. When the fruit season is over, we’re going to cut until its hard wood, so that it can fully regenerate next year.


Season for Pomegranate salad and fruit cocktail soon to come! Lovely fruits! Looks like this year, we’re going to harvest more than last year (including the one that grows in the neighbour’s house! It’s not stealing, it’s “saving” ;))


Jasmine starts to give color and smell to the garden! Hopefully this year it will make a good shade! πŸ™‚


Long chili pepper – funny story behind this plant! We decided to get 4 bell pepper (sweet) and 4 long pepper (spicy). We planted everything and when it grew, I started to doubt what exactly that I bought. Finally after the flowering season, came the fruit season, and voila…. 7 long chili pepper and 1 sweet pepper! husband said that he’s not going to let me choose pepper anymore! πŸ˜€


Ta-da…here’s the one and only sweet pepper that we have! πŸ˜€ Thinking to get more, but I will let my husband to get it this time! πŸ˜€


1 Tree full of Yellow Prunes – very soon, another week or until the end of the month. Sad though, after we harvest them this year, we need to cut the trunk as low as possible. We found out 3 weeks ago, we came back from the city and opened the front door, it was stuck, Β turned out to be one of the branches that full of fruits (that used to be 2 meters up) was almost touching the ground. It wasn’t a crack, it just seemed that the branch couldn’t bear the weight anymore. Then we started to look closer, and sad..the main trunk split into 2, it was empty inside, seems that there are bugs eating them, and the wind season also plays the role. Β We said that we didn’t want to cut it and to wait for the fruits to mature. We managed to wrapped tree with the ship’s rope and keep them until now, but hopefully it will stay like this until we manage to harvest the fruits.


Yellow Prunes’s the end of the transformation! Here is the sneak peak of Garden Project πŸ˜€ Keeping track of the new seedlings on a bigger pots, and preparing some for market. Named them one by one with warm coffee – that’s what I did this morning after taking pictures. πŸ˜€


Another sneak peak for the Garden Project – since we have no empty ground for planting, we decided to use pots. But in order to use the pots, we need to clean up the lowest space and creating a nice potted garden – which is the new project for this weekend. We cleaned up the space this morning, and we’re going to do the rest soon – as long as there is no wind πŸ˜€

I guess I still didn’t manage to capture all of the transformation today! Lol! But I’m happy, at least I keep my promise to do this transformation. Soon, I will be back with the lowest space garden project and what happened to my seedlings! πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy the tour and have a great weekend!

Happy gardening! xx

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