Granny Squares Project

2 Weeks before my holiday to Indonesia, back to the root for 3 weeks with old friends and families to celebrate Chinese New Year. I’m lazy these days to create/make things, probably because of the weather (yeah, blame the weather! :D). I feel so relax, so peaceful until I don’t want to do anything. But since my small workshop was in a very bad shape (dirty and messy!), I pushed myself to hard to clean it up. I managed to clean up the whole 2nd floor, bedroom, office, bathroom and small lounge, hurt my back though! Clean and tidy space made me have a clear vision that I need to do something with my left-over yarns (a lot!), but…I really don’t have mood to do things –”

Even though I might say that I’m lazy, I can’t just not-to-do things! I made couple of basic granny square variations, and I said to Haris that this is going to be the next Winter’s bed cover, pillow cover, cowl, etc, etc, etc 😀 He just said “great” without knowing that I need to crochet hundreds of them! lol! Since it’s a project, so why not? 😀

We said that once finished (must be quite a long time), we’re going to spend time to arrange the colors, what a nice plan (in few months!), but actually I’m looking forward to it, plus it’s nice to make this basic granny squares and watching Documentary movies at once!! 😀


Keep going, Aurelia!! yeaaaaahhh! lol!

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