It’s Spring!

Spring is here! Look outside, everywhere is green, love those colorful flowers, amazing smell of the blossoms! Even though we have dust cloud from Sahara, cold air from the mountain, illness everywhere..Spring is definitely here! 😀


I love this small yellow flowers in my “messy” garden, we have lots of it this year, which means soon we have lots of work to do to clean up the ground to be ready for the plant. Love it! It gives another color for the house and perfect place for the kittens to play hide and seek 😀


One of my favorite wild flower, don’t know its name, but I love it! So beautiful, so white with orange and black in the middle, and so solo!


Almond blossom in front of the house, I mean, in the neighbor’s house, covering almost half of the house itself with slightly pink, wonderful smell and full of bees. Just amazing!



Found these 2 flowers near the house, it spreads like a bed of flowers, turn one ground to orange and green color and other ground in white purple color.


Green field opposite the house, I guess I know where to picnic for the next Monday in Green Monday 18/03/13 😀 I’m going to pack up a basket full of foodies, spread the blanket, and enjoy the view 😀


Lovely tree! Love that green color everywhere, now is even more, almost all of the Almond blossoms are gone, in exchange, green leafs, birds chirping on the tree 🙂


The village’s view from the road opposite the house, the center of the village, 800+ stone build old houses with more than 50% are ruined – nobody’s taking care of it, not even the owners! So many houses, so little people who live there, not more than 100 people with average age 60 years old. Well, we are the youngest one! Yippie!


One fine day..when the sky is blue, the grass is green, the wind is chill, but the sun is shining, another beautiful day in the village to remember that Spring is here! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your Spring as much as I enjoy mine 😀

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