It’s crazy!!! Just a blink and it’s already November, another blink will be a busy Christmas, another blink, man, I’m getting old!!! >.< hahaha.. I’m a bit cranky as well today, lol, was trying to finish all orders at once and Christmas goodies for the next craft fairs hehe..

This morning when I woke up, I was a bit off because of the color of the sky.. I love to wake up with a bright sun on my windows, and today it was gloomy.. not cloudy, gloomy, sephia color of thick dust in the air, I hate it! >.<

I went down and found nobody downstairs, no hot coffee as well >.< not even the cats. They were out in the garden, maybe they tried to understand what happened with the atmosphere these 2 days – horrible! 🙁

I went outside in the garden, and I glanced at my garden, and voila…big smile 😀 I started to forget my gloomy mood, picked up garden scissors and started cutting here and there..


Tadaaa… this is the harvest today on November 1st – I started to smile & happy to have such a beautiful harvest. Gloomy face was gone right away after those colors 🙂

Hopefully this month will be as good as the harvest for Everyone!!
Keep smiling, head up, and be confidence!

Have a good month for Everyone on Earth!! xxxxx

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