Website Update!

Hi all! It’s been more than 5 weeks I didn’t manage to post anything. As you can see, the website is totally changed and new! 😀 I had severe problems with the last template, even though I loved that template, but at some points, it really gave me a total headache! I could not change here and there and it was a mess. I had to take down some entries because it was messing up the layout and so on.

But it’s not all, we had big problem with servers as well for 2 weeks and it was quite a nightmare for both of us, me and my hubby! It passed, the black clouds passed, and now you can see the smiles! 🙂

So, I decided to totally change it, no sliders that will make it longer to load, just a banner now, also make it more white and more simple, and of course, responsive to the available gadgets! *yay!* Also adding more widgets to make you easier to check on Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest.

And, do you realize it that I added “shared social media” on the blog widget? It’s above the “categories”. What do you think about it? Me, I totally in love with the Twitter icon! Lol! So cute! 😀

And, and, ohh I have a lot of things to tell! 😀 But I will let you check it out by yourself and let me know what you think about the newly web!


Wish you all a happy week ahead! x

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