Hungarian Hot Wax

Lovelies! Hope everybody’s fine. Been a long time (again) since I logged in, was busy doing some planning for the Autumn/Winter newbies. It’s not finished yet, but I guess I’m getting there – it’s holiday time! 


The news from the tiny “nursery” is superb! Almost all of the chili varieties are showing up their fruits! Still green though, but I will write more today after lunch – and will post it most probably in the late afternoon when the sun is not that hot anymore, since I still need to take some pictures of them.

But, I do love what I saw! This is my first time to see Hungarian Hot Wax or Hungarian Yellow Wax, and also the first time to have this plant and soon to be the first time to try! 😀 Can you imagine what how am I going to do it? I was thinking to make a very nice salsa condiment with this chili, then canned it, store it in the fridge and homemade chips..hmmm….kinda hungry!

Ah nobody realized it probably! I stopped writing for a while, went down and made delicious garlic sambal, a traditonal Indonesian sambal…hmm…satisfied! 🙂

Back to the Hungarian Hot Wax, mine is still in growing stage, it is said that fully grown pepper is approx. 15-20cm long, mine is still around half of it. At the moment, I have 3 plants, I’m going to “sacrifice” one of them for to see how it grows by early picking (just before the color change), and leave the other 2 for the fully ripen 😀

Then, will propagate the plants from the seeds for the next Spring 😀 Wish me luck! 🙂

Happy gardening and happy holidays! x

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