What’s New?

What’s new? Everything’s new in the garden, new leafs, new greens, new snails, new slugs, new flowers, new vegetables, and many more!

Been staying away from computer for a month, trying to clean up the garden everyday, trying to figure out what vegetables to plant and how to plant it. Been reading the Permaculture system on companion planting, which is difficult! lol! Been learning about natural repellers for the vegetables plant as well, and basically lots of reading, learning, dirtying myself with snails and soil. But I’m happy! 😀

I planted..I mean, WE planted most vegetables that we eat, cucumber, lettuces, beans, tomatoes, pepper, chilies, cabbage, chives, onion, garlic, corn, apple, lemon, pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, melon, blueberry, goji berry, etc. Also we have lavender, lemon balm, louiza, mint and a new comer, Stevia, a natural sweetener 😀


Everything’s still mini 😀 I water them every afternoon and clean up the weeds in the morning 😀


We’re eating from the garden since a month ago, cause we planted some lettuces in the Winter, super tasty!


Some flowers in the middle to repell the bugs and flies.


Big tomatoes in the other part of the garden with a cute flower garden in the middle for the bugs.


Wild purple flowers everywhere. I don’t want to clean it, cause it looks so beautiful! 😀


Different kinds of Marigold for Tomato plants.


Blooming Solanuum, beautiful purple flowers cheering up the green garden.


Love this flower, I have cream, yellow, purple, red and orange in the garden..amazing color!


First time I saw this flower and I fell in love, bought one and plant it close to Blueberry to match 😉


Very cute Geranium’s flower – I’m trying to plant 5 different colors & type of Geranium in one pot, will see what happened next!


What an adorable flower! 😀


Pikachu is waiting for me to finish watering the plant so that she can play on the grass 😀


Soon-to-be Apricots! We have 2 trees full of it, guess I will make Apricot jams to sell this Summer 😀


Super healthy Lemon Balm – cant wait to make a new remedy for mosquitos! 😀

So, that’s all with the gardening for the Spring – preparation for fresh Summer fiesta from the garden. Always love the feeling of eating home-grown vegetables and fruit!

It’s good to start your own garden, no matter how small your place is, you can always find alternative ways of doing it. I used to live in an apartment building with small veranda, but I managed to grow my own food 🙂

It’s time to change! 🙂

Happy gardening! xx





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