Bazaraki sto kastro: 1st experience

More than a month ago, I learned that some friends were trying to do bazaraki (bazaar) in the Richard the Lionheart Castle in Limassol, Cyprus, so, I was very excited and decided to register myself.

The bazaar was about arts&crafts, hand-crafted items, DIY, recycle, upcycle – anything creative and self-made. So, I was happy because few months ago I started to make holders and bowls from yarn. Yes, YARN – I’m using mostly cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, viscose yarn, nylon yarn, and some of the combinations of yarns. It was the perfect time, I learned about the bazaar 2 weeks before, so I had a lot of times to make more of the holders.

Then I made 6 colors of cotton yarn – cause they have beautiful texture, each color 10 pieces, so literally, I made 60 pieces 😀 *addicted*.

While I was doing it, 2 friends came to visit us in the mountain. She saw the unfinished products – I left it in the sun for the glue to dry fast, and she said “wow, where did you get this one? are these the same candle holders that you gave it to me for my birthday?” and I said, “yes, they are the same. I didn’t get it from anywhere, cause I made it by myself.” and she was like.. “ha? what do you mean by yourself? you MADE this one?” and I said,” yes…that’s all on the pallet, I put it there so that the glue dry quickly.” She was laughing and said “I thought that you get it from somewhere and imported it..cause it looked so professional.”

I did not see any professional in my holders, cause I’m still learning and trying to shape it as nice as possible – indeed they are not perfect yet..!

So, 2 weeks later, I went to the bazaar.. and I got the same questions – where did I get it?, from which country? – when I said that I made it, people were looking at me as if I am an, I said that this is Aurelia’s productions – cotton yarn and homemade glue and made with love 😀

I sold more than 20 pieces – which is very good for me as beginner and made me want to try more with different shapes! I also made yarn bowl – same usage but bigger size.

These are my passion! I love to make them, I love to put things on them – many ideas on how to use it, as long as DRY items, it will be just fine. I have some pictures how I usually use it.

Can also mix some items – like me, cause I don’t have big table for all my stuffs 😀

Or.. can also light up your nights – as yarn holder, using ONLY tea-light candle with aluminum foil under – to prevent spill and burn to the yarn 🙂

Hopefully in the next bazaar, nobody will ask me where do I get them… 😀

Aurelia x

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