Bazaraki sto kastro (3)

Another great day! Yesterday was my 2nd participation at bazaraki sto Kastro, bazaar in the Castle area, Lemesos. It was very nice atmosphere, with a great humidity and a super strong heat, even though it was 6pm, felt like in the oven!

Now, I can still feel my body’s breaking apart, lol! I finished around 11pm, sticky skin, hungry belly and still need to drive back to the village where we stay. We grabbed sandwich from the roadside, it was good then drove back home into the constant tranquility.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time, but I will post it more when I get some from other friends!


That’s my little room! This time I brought recycle garden lanterns, recycle and crocheted rug, crocheted headbands, crocheted embellishments, yarn bowls, yarn holders, crocheted hats, shoe clips, multi purpose pins, Epsom salt body scrub and recycle fabric basket!!

I’m happy! And I can’t wait for the next small bazaar in Boom Festival, Portugal!!!! yay!!!

Thank you all for supporting me!! xx

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