{diy} Ambient Light

When I moved to my husband’s house for the first time, I was stunned by the fact that he had a lot of drinking glasses *ups*! And I was wondering what can I do with it. I was using it to store my sewing thread, buttons and using it as flower vase as well and I still have a lot of glasses to use on other things. Considering that I only had 1 drinking glass and 1 coffee mug when I moved to my old apartment ha ha!

One night, we had some guests came over to our house for dinner and my husband started to light up the tea candle and place it in a small glass, voila.. it gave me ideas! 😀

So, I was thinking to create ambient light using the glasses that I had and my husband handed me a small roll of natural rope. Mix and match, glass + natural rope = ambient light 😀

You will need:

  • glass – old stock, the one that you want to throw it away
  • natural rope – I prefer the thin one
  • hot glue/silicon glue
  • scissors

How to do it? super simple!!

1. Prepare the materials – I’m using old glass, thin natural rope and silicon glue

2. Squeeze glue in the bottom edge of the glass – hopefully you can see the glue line

3. Start to line the natural rope from the bottom edge

4. Continue it until you reach the top of the glass and don’t forget to glue it every now and then

5. You will end up like this

6. Wait until the day night comes, light up a tea candle and place it inside the glass, voila..

and You have your inexpensive ambient light to share with your lovely friends and family.


Happy crafting!

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