2 Months ago when I saw posts in Pinterest about crochet and knitting, I said to myself that these 2 items did not belong to me, lol! I didn’t know how to crochet, not even knitting. To tell you the truth, it’s more like aliens to me! ha! 

But still I said to myself that it’s better to try rather than doing nothing! So, I went to Youtube, I chose one of those basic crochet for dummies and basic knitting for dummies. 20 Minutes later, I threw the crochet hook, and after 1 hour of trying, I cleaned up my table from yarns, hooks and needles! Enough! I can’t even make a chain in crochet, and I can’t even hold the knitting needles!

So the dream was scattered…lol! But it didn’t mean that I stopped trying 😀

2 Weeks after the first trial, I was in the mood of learning new things. I asked my husband, what shall I learn today. He said, “eh..crochet or knitting, I thought that you love making things with yarn. Try it again, who knows that you might be lucky today” hahahaha..

Then, I took a deep breath, opened Youtube, basic crochet for beginner, spending like half an hour, changing many videos for a better understanding, and that’s it! I learned how to make slip knot (yay!), basic chain, single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch! I was so happy, and I started to learn how to make small flower, crooked one!.

I started to read how to choose crochet hook size, yarn size and I did something really daring for myself! I wanted to give a gift for my good friend’s newborn baby boy! I said to my husband that I would make a nice blanket for it took me almost a month to make, but it gave me a great feeling!

baby blanket

That’s the blanket!!! And I went to my friend’s house the day after, and I saw that little baby boy, he’s so beautiful and his name is Aurelio!!! 😀 I’m happy!!!


Now, I love to crochet, but still I’m a super beginner, so I need to learn a lot and I’ll keep trying! So, if you have the same problem like me at the beginning…DO NOT stop trying! :))

Happy crocheting! x

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