Rag Rug Project (1)

I am finally back to my sweet home in the village after a 3 weeks holidays! It’s time to start something for the fireplace, to prepare the upcoming winter in the mountain side!

There it is our fireplace, and I want to make something nice and warm. I decided to make a giant rag rug, where we can sit and enjoy our time, or even sleep 🙂 Also, we have quite a lot of pillows, so it’s going to be a nice chill-out area for winter!


I have no idea how big I will need to make it, but since it’s a w.i.p (work in progress), so I will continue if it’s not enough and I will stop when I get the perfect size.

Since I just started today by cutting the old bed sheets which I got from my husband’s mom, so, I will need quite a lot of time from

cutting, connecting, rolling it into a ball and crocheting!


I will keep you update and we’ll see how it’s going to be! Can’t wait! 🙂

Happy day! x

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