Granny Square Blanket

Yuppiiee..finally I’m able to take its picture šŸ˜€ whoooppp it’s not complete yet, far away from it -.-” I still manage to crochet 45 squares (which is very little for a double bed size blanket), need to wait a little longer for more yarn left-over. Anyway I laid it down today to give myself courage that…I still have a long way to go, lol! šŸ˜€Ā 

I’m loving the colors, very random, and whatever colors I can find on my left-over drawer, just need to make sure that everything’s Acrylic though, ohh no worries babes, I’ll finish it soon I come back from the trips šŸ˜€

Today’s Friday and all I want is to throw myself on the sofa and watching outside, it’s grey and cloudy, but I’m loving it!! Tomorrow’s going to be busy, cleaning up the house time! Lol, yeah need to wait for weekend to clean up…sshhhss! O_o

So Loves…have a great weekend! Let me know what you are up to!! xxx


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