Ripple Blanket Project

Good to be back home with hooks and yarn!

Yes, I still have granny square and granny stripes project unfinished – due to supplies are finished and still waiting for shipment! 😀
But, I still another 13 colors of unused yarn, and in order to clean up my wardrobe from Autumn/Winter yarns, so I decided to make another blanket. This time, the adorable Ripple Blanket!

I did not take any initial picture (as usual), because I started last night and no sufficient light, and I just managed to take it 5 mins ago O_o, not even full 13 colors yet. Up to now, it looks like ice!

Here is the colors that I used – Ivory white, kind of light maroon, pink, brown, light brown, cream, light yellow, yellow, green, light green, green blueish, blue and light purple. Ha! I know it sounds strange.. 😀

Up to now, I still managed to finish 8 lines of colors – will post picture once I get 13 colors. I made 245 chains (242 ch + 3 ch), it measures 156cm wide 😀 Here it is:

Wish me luck and happy hooking! x

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