Morning Shower

Good morning all! Hello July! 😀 Hope everybody’s fine, healthy, smiley and enjoying the Summer!

The title “Morning Shower” is for my vegetable garden, cause I did not water them yesterday, and also I wanted to try to water them in the morning to see if there is any difference if I water them in the morning, instead of in the afternoon. I read some articles saying that both times are okay, but the best is morning time. Will see! 

While showering this morning, I realized that the garden now is very alive! They gave me tomatoes, cucumber, salads, herbs and fruits already, lots of them. But still they have a lot more, since Summer is just started here in the mountain (we still had one two days of cold weather).


The red cabbage is even bigger now, and I’m waiting to cut them for the salad 😀


I’ve been eating Strawberries from the garden this 2 weeks, it grows like crazy and sweet too!


Lemon Verbena, one of my favourite. It is soon to be cut by me to make another batch of Aurelia’s Lemon Verbena Liquer. Everybody loves it! When it’s time for me to make it, I’ll take picture how to do it! 🙂


I have more Lavender buds than last week, and I’m looking forward for it to be fully covered with buds!


I got another type of tomato this year, it grows not so big, but sweet – perfect to make sun-dried tomatoes or sauce! 😀


One of the baby Melon 😀 love it!


More cucumber to come to make fruit salad 😀


Blooming season for Mint – amazing tiny flowers!


And this….remember 2 months ago, I posted my seedlings and less than a month ago, I posted my seedlings? That’s my little nursery 🙂 Not all of the chilies are survived, but most of it are survived and growing! My Basils (I need to find out the type – I have 5 different Basil) are growing like crazy! 😀 Soon will start another batch of different herbs that I never grow them before.


One of baby Watermelon! 😀 can’t wait!!!


One of climber cucumber’s – nom nom nom


The gorgeous Merlot Lettuce! One of the winner in Lettuce family! Love the color and the taste! Lucky that I grow a lot of them 😀


One of baby corn!!! Can’t wait to grill them, spread spicy butter and salt! Ohh..Heaven!


Kohlrabi is getting big


The non-stop cherries tomatoes, giving me fruits everyday!


Ho ho ho ho ho…Summer is the time to make chili paste for the Winter! 😀


Beautiful Stevia – growing like crazy. Can’t wait to try it for the first time!

Sometimes, I’m thinking that I posted more about gardening rather than the craft or foods! 😀 Hopefully you like it though!

Happy gardening! x

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