My fun Monday!

I loved my Monday! It was cloudly, bulky, windy, dull, combined with my coughing and my “love to do nothing” mood and voila…fireplace, Naruto, crocheting, hot honey lemon tea, taking pictures, cooking and relaxing. What a life! 😀

Outside was not a best place to be in the morning, it was windy, chill wind, but still it attracted me to go outside to take pictures! In the front yard, our Yellow Prunes are started to blossom, their flowers are amazingly beautiful, white and smell very nice, love it!



Beautiful isn’t it? Never thought to have this plant before. Now I can feel the real spring, where the cold & cough season hit, blossoms everywhere, pollen everywhere, allergic started, chill wind 😀 Despite all of those things.. I’m happy with this Spring, so colorful! 🙂


Checking my Strawberry plant, I love those little white flowers. I changed it into a hanging basket couple days ago, so that it can grow without hesitation being stepped by our lovely cats 😀 It works and soon I’m going to have my sweet strawberry again!


Rosemary at its best, smell so wonderful, blossom all parts of it also it’s time to trim the weed grasses nearby for Rosemary to grow freely. Looks like this week I will have a lot of things to do in the garden, since I’m not going to the Carnival parties 😀



I have no ideas the name of those plants, but it’s beautiful. The first one is like a bushes, I love those little purple flowers 😀 and the below part, I guess it’s one family with Geranium, never seen this flower before 😀


Time to go back to my warm place beside the fireplace. We have this IKEA’s mattress, very comfortable and we placed it in front of the fireplace just to create a nice and cozy place for everybody to stay in, reading, or even sleeping. I covered it with thick fabric, then thick quilt, comfortable fleece fabric, and my husband made a recycle coffee table and voila..cozy, warm, comfy fireplace bed 😀 Everybody loves it! That’s it! Even the cats 😀


I was sitting there the whole day, watching Naruto and crocheting the Ripple blanket. A bit slow because the mini series that I watched were in Japanese with subtitle, so half watching, half crocheting. Yes..I did a lot of mistake too! LOL!

So, what’s for lunch? 😀 Took out Chicken fillet from the fridge, went to the garden to take some fresh Rosemary, cutting onion, mincing garlic, washing small potatoes, cutting tomatoes, cutting chicken, lots of spices, black pepper, sea salt, paprika, chili powder… Baked Chicken and Potatoes with Rosemary and Spices ala Aurelia 😀


Yummy and tender! Can taste all of the spices and strong fresh Rosemary! Love it! and then back to crochet and watching Naruto, accompanied by my husband who played racing car and enjoying his life as well and a glass of Hot Honey and Lemon tea as natural remedies for my coughing 😀


What a beautiful life! 😀 Every day is a beautiful day, it depends on how we see it 😀

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