{diy} Newspaper Pot

Want to learn how to make cheap and environmental friendly newspaper pot? Let’s start!

You will need:

  • newspaper
  • empty can/jar/plastic jar
  • tape – optional
  • marker
  • stick and paper – optional

How to do it? very easy!!

1. prepare the materials, I’m using advertisement page and empty plastic jar from tea

2. fold newspaper in two

3. place the jar on the edge of folded newspaper, and start rolling it

4. once you roll it until the end, this is what you will have, keep it tight

5. on the side which has “tail” of newspaper, fold it inside to secure the base of the pot

6. once all sides folded, this is what you will end up for the base, you can secure it with tape if you want!

7. slowly pull out the jar from the pot – you need to leave at least 1,5cm of the jar from the newspaper while you’re rolling it, that will make it easier to pull out the jar without any effort

8. Now, you have a newspaper pot ready to use

9. Start to fill up the new pot with soil, make sure that you give some space between the pot opening and the soil’s height, now you are ready to plant seeds inside

10. use the stick and thick paper to write down the plant’s name or just simply write it down on the newspaper and you are done! 🙂


Happy gardening! 🙂

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