Seeding time!

It’s Sunday! Most people on the other side of the world are enjoying Easter Sunday, here in Cyprus, we are having Sunday Palm 🙂 and I’m not in the mood of doing anything because we just cleaned the whole house yesterday and I’m exhausted from it.

So, I decided that today is the gardening day! It’s already April and it should be the best time to start seeding, even though it’s still a bit chill here.


So, here is my new seedling using newspaper pot! Reusing old newspaper to make friendly environment pot and extremely cheap, if you can get newspaper for free from your neighbors 😀

I planted some chillies, scotch bonnet, bird’s eye, red chilli pepper, and also some vegetables, pak choy, cabbage, and water spinach. And I’m really looking forward to start my little green house as well in the mountain! Can’t wait to get closer to the nature, cause it gives me a great feeling when I’m in the nature!

I love nature and I believe she will love me back by keeping my plants healthy! 🙂


“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses”

Hanna Rion

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