{diy} Recycle Lantern

Summer’s is almost here, and I’m trying to clean up our mini balcony so that we can sit outside to enjoy the day. I cleaned up some of my garden lanterns which I bought from Jumbo store which cost me €0.90 each.

I was thinking to make my own garden lanterns, so I browsed Pinterest for new ideas, and I found this http://pinterest.com/pin/107171666102863946/ and i fell in love! And I decided to try it by myself using tomato tin, coffee tin and any kinds of tins that I can find the house, empty though!

Want to try it with me?!

You will need:

  • empty can (coffee can, tomato can, any kinds of cans)
  • 1 nail (size depends on you, i choose the small-medium nail)
  • hammer
  • water
  • fridge (for sure!)
  • erasable marker
  • wire (to make handles)
  • wire cutter
  • nose pliers

How to do it? Very fun and cold 😀

1. Prepare your materials – pour the water in to the tin can and leave it in the freezer for at least 24hour (mine was 3 days, cause i just simply forgot about it! yeah!!)

2. Once the water formed a very solid ice, take out your erasable marker

3. Draw your patterns – since this is also my first time, so I’m using the easiest patterns – LOVE! 🙂

4. Start to bang the tin with nail and hammer, you can use your feet to hold the both sides of the can, make sure you’re wearing shoes, cause it is very cold

5. This is the result, and keep doing it until all patterns are done

6. This how you will end up, and clean up the trace of erasable marker

7. This is my final, and don’t forget to make 2 holes in the top of the tin to make handle with wire, and melt your ice 🙂

8. Ice is melted, and now it’s ready to make it easier to handle

9. Just be sure to remember that the inside part of the tin is very sharp, be careful when you place the candle

9. Prepare your materials – wire (I’m using craft wire – the only thing that I have here), pliers and candle

10. Start to wire one of the hole

11. Twist it to secure, use nose pliers if necessary, I also twist the wire to create a nice handle

12. You will end up like this – place your candle and light up!

13. This is my result 😀

I’m very excited today – yeah I made it just today..that’s why some of the pictures, I couldn’t show the actual actions, due to short-handed!  And since we still have bright light out there, and I have to wait until the night falls..I can’t wait!!

So, I went to the room, closed the shutter, and light up my lantern 🙂 and it is amazingly beautiful!! I hope you find it the same!! 🙂


Happy crafting!

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