Skinny Gourmet’s tips on Gardening

I browsed internet one afternoon to find some articles about being a baby gardener, I mean, me! I’m still a baby in gardening things, especially herbs, cause it does sound very easy, but planting herbs are one of the most difficult task to do. And I really need to know all of that, since I’m doing seeding this month, and I don’t want to see my plants are dying due to less knowledge about it.


Ah, and I found a very useful article from the Skinny Gourmet’s blog regarding planting herbs for baby gardener like me 🙂 And I thought it might be useful for you too, if you plan to start planting herbs for your own good.

Here is the original link from the Skinny Gourmet’s !

Hopefully you will find it useful! Happy gardening! 😀

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