{review} Crochet hooks Clover Amure

Before I left for my early Summer breaks, I did some transactions online for my early birthday present for myself – Clover crochet hooks, books, and a bit of yarns 😀 and they were waiting for me at home, unless the yarns package, I don’t know where it went, haven’t received it until now, and this is the first time that I didn’t get my mail from UK >.<

Anyway, today, I’d like to give review to Clover Amure crochet hooks 🙂

I’m not an old-timed crocheter, as I just learned it from Youtube 2 years ago and continue self-taught using free patterns & diagrams and became tester of crochet designers.

I still remembered the day I decided to buy my very first crochet hooks. I found it from ebay, and I was choosing them according to the price. I got them very cheap ($6) and it was from 2.00mm to 10.00mm, a set of 14 hooks.

I was happy!! I used mostly 3.50mm – 10.oomm, and after a year of using them, I started to develop pain here and there. At first, I thought it was because of my positions while crocheting. It was not. It was the hook that I was using, as there was no handle and it’s heavy, so my fingers’ pressure was changing all the time, and I was crocheting more than 8 hours a day. I had pain in my wrist, thumb, arm, shoulder and neck, and by end of 2012, I had to stop crocheting for almost 2 months. Both my hands were immobilized by pain, couldn’t even hold lighter hook 🙁


But…it did not stop me from using them..I continued using them until before I left for my early Summer breaks >.< yes, i”m very thick sometimes! x_x

I’m a kind of person who always checking 50 times before buying, as I wanted to make sure that it’s really worth the money..I was checking on most of the hooks that you can find in the market, almost all brands from different continents. Somehow, my eyes are always eyeing Clover hooks, and I wanted to find the original Japanese Clover made in Japan. Checking and checking..all I found was Clover Amour, made for outside Japanese market, with different hook size (the one that mostly sold in US, UK and Australia).

Checking and checking again.. until this year, I finally convinced myself to start using ebay again, and make sure that the seller is reliable one.

I found it! After 2 intensive weeks of searching, I found Clover Amure made in Japan from a very sweet Japanese seller! The price was just excellent, free shipping and super fast! I received it 14 days from the day he shipped it 🙂 I bought 2 sets of them, fine hooks for thread and common hooks 😀


But….I was in Indonesia already when postman sent it to my place 🙁 and it was still the beginning of holiday, so I had to wait for another month to finally able to see & touch it!!!

Once I was home, I tried them, from 0.90mm to 6.00mm and I said to my husband that I won’t change hooks anymore. It was great because of the handle is well made with high quality silicon, very soft and giving a firm grip without pressuring fingers to hold it. Plus, love the colors!!! 😀


I had no problem so far with these beauties!! Considering that it’s been more than a month I didn’t crochet at all and it’s been a week full of crochet (more than 8 hours/day since I had to catch up for my shop). I feel no pain or tired in my wrist, like I used to be. It’s really worth the money and super cute for early birthday present for myself *happy*


And I have ordered for the sizes that I don’t have from these Amure, but no worries…they’re on their way to my home 😉 I ordered the Clover soft touch 😀

Love love my new hooks!! I should have bought these 2 years ago and skipped all of those painful days!! It’s highly recommended! It’s not expensive if you take it as investment 🙂 and the result from these hooks are much better as I did make a comparison already 🙂

Happy weekend!! x


  1. Widowati Sunggoro on November 22, 2017 at 20:25

    Hello Aurelia, I finally found a fellow Indonesian and crocheter who has testified using the Clover Amure crochet hooks. I have read many comments about this brand. Do you know where I can find them in Jakarta? Many thanks.

    • Aurelia Vie on November 23, 2017 at 10:41

      Hiii thank you ^^ actually I bought it directly from Japan at ebay 😀 easier and guaranteed fake free products ^^ beautiful and most comfortable hooks and I cant live without it 😀

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